PC Support Solutions In Israel

TechnaiPC Solutions provide experienced, professional and Microsoft certified IT support and services to business and home users in Israel.
We offer a comprehensive range of IT services, including the supply, installation and configuration of a wide range of computing equipment and software, the installation and maintenance of wired and wireless networks, the supply, installation and ongoing support of computers of all kinds, broadband internet access and the support and maintenance of hardware and software.

Hours of Business
TechnaiPC Solutions are open for business every day from 8:00 to 22:00.

Our Services

  • Technical support for computers and associated networks.
  • Installing, troubleshooting, service, and repairing personal computers, network equipment such as servers, modems, multiplexes, related PC software, telephones, cables, and connectors.
  • Providing personal computer, hardware, and software support.
  • Connecting personal computers and terminals to existing data networks.
  • Instructing users in the use of personal computers and networks.
  • Making recommendations regarding software and hardware purchases.
  • Free Consultation to take a decision on buying a new PC.
  • System Tuning and Speed up.
  • Installing and Reinstalling of Windows Operating System.
  • Complete setup of New PC with all the required Software.
  • Resolve Booting and Shutdown issues.
  • Fixing Device Driver Issues.
  • System freezing and Restart Issues will be resolved.
  • Help you identify the exact Hardware issues and help you with data to take it up with our hardware vendor.
  • Routine PC Health Check Up Services.
  • Installing and updating anti-virus software.
  • Scan for malicious virus, spyware, adware, malware, and worms and eliminating them.
  • Give you tips for safe surfing.
  • Safeguarding you against hijackers of sensitive and personal information.
  • Set up firewall in your system.
  • Connecting two or more computers.
  • Setting up router.
  • Wired and Wireless Home Networks.
  • Setting up Wireless routers.
  • Setting up Ethernets.
  • Back up systems.
  • Remote access.
  • Wireless technical support.